Version 0.9.8

June 8th 2016

Reduce initial rows due to some users having problems with window/screen size

Version 0.9.6

December 20th 2015

e10s Compatibility

Version 0.9.4

May 19th 2015

Create a repeat Schedule Name and Description
Add a single Website or a group of Websites
Create up to eight (8) different schedules per Website or group of Websites (scroll down the page)

Version 0.9.2

Mar 23rd 2015

Copy Schedule
Add from Clipboard
Disable Schedule
Pause/Stop Scheduling
Consolidate Text File Import into Add Bookmarks
– add Import Time
– add Group option

Version 0.9.0

Feb 17th 2015

Firefox 36 Compatibility

Version 0.8.8

Jul 27th 2014

Will remember the Select Time / Group and preserve it for Open Websites Now
New feature to open in a new window and to re-use that window for new tabs

Version 0.8.6

Mar 22nd 2014

Fixed Tab Label on Firefox 28
Added schedule backup file creation

Version 0.8.4

Dec 20th 2013

Enable Reload tab if already open with New Tab delay setting for additional time delays

Version 0.8.2

Dec 12th 2013

Added Catchup compatibility for Standby/Sleep mode

Version 0.8.0

May 19th 2013

Added Week Number to Dynamic Dates
Added Look Ahead date to Dynamic Dates
Improved timing accuracy

Version 0.7.8

May 5th 2013

Added the option to set an End Date

Version 0.7.6

January 2nd 2013

Added new tab delay option

Version 0.7.4

December 18th 2012

Improved Toolbar Icon function

Version 0.7.2

December 12th 2012

Change initial Default Time for new install

Version 0.6.8

November 7th 2012

Added warning for Delete without saving
Option for: Same day Catchup

Version 0.6.6

November 2nd 2012

User request to add support for Bookmarks Toolbar and Unsorted Bookmarks

Version 0.6.4

August 28th 2012

Fixed problem with Group function URL

Version 0.6.2

August 15th 2012

Improved compatibility with NoScript extension
Fixed a problem with the grid row position using the up/down arrows

Version 0.6.0

June 4th 2012

Firefox 13 compatibility
(some websites not opening correctly)

Version 0.5.8

May 27th 2012

Fixed problem with Add-onbar/Toolbar not updating when Alert in Toolbar option selected

Version 0.5.6

May 5th 2012

Automatic detection of Save to Bookmark
Fixed file import order

Version 0.5.4

March 9th 2012

Save to Bookmark option for syncing with Xmarks
(user requested)

Version 0.5.2

March 2nd 2012

Added Dynamic Date URL function to Open Websites Now and Ctrl-Click
Updated Add-on Support Page URL

Version 0.5.0

December 14th 2011

Fixed Day column sort
Added warning for Open Websites button when no websites found
Improved Right-Click context menu handling