Feedback – Archive Q4 2016


4 thoughts on “Feedback – Archive Q4 2016

  1. Paulius

    Hello, i ran into little problem with this plugin. Im using it to show different presentation slides and videos to customers of our products and services.This plugin perfectly changes websites which i need to show in exact time. But problems is when my scheduled website comes up it shows for approximately 45min. and then changes to homepage. I tried to change all the settings which is in Options>Website opens column, but nothing helps.

  2. Scott Post author

    Hi Paulius,

    That sounds strange. There is no reason why that should be happening.
    Can you please give me a little more information about how you are using the schedule. You say that you are showing presentation slides, so are you are using the “re-use tab” option ? Are you using repeat schedules (circular arrow icon) or just normal schedules ?

    You say that it changes after 45 minutes, so if you setup a schedule for:
    www. 9.00am Saturday
    Are you saying that the website opens at 9.00am Saturday, but at 9.45am the website URL changes to your Homepage ? Please try this as a simple test.

    Regards, Scott.

  3. Max

    The add-on is very helpful. Is it possible to schedule more accurate time to seconds? for example, how to set a scheduled time to open a site at 2 h 30 min 30 sec?

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