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  1. Walt

    Hi Scott,

    I just wanted to follow up on my last post of Q1. Using “My Weekly Browsing” along with “Window and Tab Limiter” is working well — with an interesting positive side-effect.
    Since W&TL waits for a new tab to fully load before closing the previous tab, the switching of audio streams is almost seamless. There’s no 5 to 15 second gap as happens when re-using a tab.

    I have had one issue. A couple of times over the weekend “MWB” didn’t load a URL that was a scheduled event. I waited for the next scheduled event but that didn’t occur either. I also wasn’t able to load the event with Ctrl+Click. The solution was to restart Firefox. I’ll keep trying to track this down if it happens again but wondered if you might have a troubleshooting suggestion.

    Again, many thanks for the great add-on!

    UPDATE: The problem is Window & Tab Limiter, not My Weekly Browsing.

    MWB attempts to open the URL in a new tab, but then sometimes W&TL closes the new tab instead of the previous tab. I apologize for bothering you with this — I’ll keep workin’ on it!


  2. Walt

    Scott, one more followup in case it might be useful.

    Switching from Firefox to Cyberfox solved my problem so everything now works perfectly, but I still can’t get MyWeeklyBrowsing to use just one tab.

    I can set both Firefox and Cyberfox so any URL will open in the existing tab when launched from the favorites bar, but when I open the same URL with Ctrl+Click from within MyWeeklyBrowsing it always opens in a new tab, regardless of whether the “re-use” option is checked.

    I would prefer using just one add-on but I guess that’s not to be. In any case, thank you for MyWeeklyBrowsing. In all other respects it works great!


    1. Scott Post author

      Hi Walt,

      >> but when I open the same URL with Ctrl+Click from within MyWeeklyBrowsing it always opens in a new tab, regardless of whether the “re-use” option is checked

      That is actually the designed/”correct” behaviour.
      The “re-use tab” option only works for scheduled website URLs that are opened automatically.
      Ctrl+Click from within MyWeeklyBrowsing is a manual operation, so will always open in a new tab.

      Sorry about any confusion.
      Regards, Scott.

  3. Walt

    Ahh, thanks! I assumed the behaviors would be the same. That was the case in my installation of Firefox but I didn’t actually try running a schedule in Cyberfox. Now I’ll turn off the other add-on to see what happens and will let you know in a few days. Appreciate your staying with me here. 🙂


  4. Ryan

    Hello Scott!

    Long time user of MWB, and I’ve never had any trouble with it. Besides Firefox auto updating despite being told to never do that, and losing MWB and all info twice. Currently re-finding all my webcomics for the third time. But my issue is with the window… For some reason, the new install is giving a window that cant be re-sized and is bigger than my entire big screen.

    Just wondering if you had any advice. All my numerical settings are set to the lowest settings.

    1. Scott Post author

      Hi Ryan,

      Sorry to hear about that.
      Can you tell me what size your screen resolution is ?
      (if you are using Windows, it is in Control Panel >> Display >> Screen Resolution)
      Also, there is a Windows setting (if you are using Windows) called “Change the size of all items” which can make the window bigger or smaller – so perhaps have a look at what that is set to.

      I have not made any changes to the initial screen settings, so it seems unusual. Having said that someone else also had a similar problem recently – see:

      If you are OK with carefully editing the (options_lks4472.txt) file that might solve the problem.
      Please let me know if that works for you.

      Regards, Scott.

  5. Maro

    the window of the program is too big and i cant move it or get ir shorter to achieve click in ok or te options bellow.

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