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  1. chiarafumo

    i love your addon [just discovered it]. unfortunately the setup window is so large that i cannot see the buttons at the bottom, and the window isn’t resizeable and doesn’t have a vertical scroll bar. do you have any tips about how to complete the setup? or, better yet, where do you keep the info? i looked in prefs.js, but couldn’t find anything.

    1. Scott Post author

      Hi chiarafumo,

      I assume by setup window you mean the Options and Preferences window ?
      If so that window is actually smaller than the My Weekly Browsing window, so its seems odd that you cannot view the buttons at the bottom.

      What is the screen resolution of your monitor ? Is it a really small display ?
      Are you using the English language version ? (some other languages do take up a little more space on the screen because the translations require more words).

      My Weekly Browsing Schedule stores the Options and Preferences data in a folder called “Chrome” in your Firefox Profile folder. Your Firefox Profile folder can be found by following the instructions here: The location of the file (options_lks4472.txt) is shown at the bottom of the Options and Preferences window (assuming you can see this part).

      You can edit this file directly provided you are careful. The number of rows to display is the sixth entry and has a default install value of 20 (English language version). So to make the number of rows smaller change it to 15 or 10 and save the file.

      If you are still having problems post a screen capture so I can see your display.

      Regards, Scott.

      1. chiarafumo

        thanks, scott. my display is normal, and i use english, but i changed the options file, and now i can see everything. good enough for me! thanks for responding so quickly, and giving me the fix right away.

  2. Walt

    I just found this add-on and it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.

    I want to use it to schedule streaming audio but, for some reason I can’t get the streams to open in the same window or same tab, so I end up with multiple streams in different tabs all playing at the same time. I’ve tried every combination of open in new window and open in new tab with re-use window or re-use tab but there’s no difference.

    What am I doing wrong? If I can sort this out I think this add-on will be perfect.

    Thanks so much!

      1. Walt

        Hi Scott,

        Many thanks for the fast reply!

        For some reason the Options and Preferences check boxes don’t make any difference. For example, even if I check “in a new window,” and “re-use window,” with each item still opens in a new tab. I’ve tested this with two different computers, both running Firefox 45.0.1.

        Anything else I could try?


      2. Scott Post author

        Hi Walt,

        It will only work for re-use tab:
        As before, it works fine for me on Win8.1 FF45.0.1
        I suggest trying it as I did.

        Do you have any other other Firefox extensions that work with Tabs ?
        It may be possible that one of your other extensions is causing conflict with Tab behaviour – unfortunately there is no easy solution to those types of conflict.

        Regards, Scott.

  3. Walt

    Hi Scott,

    I tried every possible combination of “re-use” options but for some reason the URLs always opened in a new tab. I even tested it on a third machine with the same result. All machines are Windows 7, no other tab utilities are in use.

    Then I found an add-on called “Window and Tab Limiter” that seems to do the trick. If I set it to a maximum of 1 tab, and use the “silent” option so that extra windows are closed without user intervention, then when “MyWeeklyBrowserSchedule” tries to open a new tab, “Window and Tab Limiter” closes the first window.

    So I’ve solved my problem, but if the “re-use” option works for you, then it should work for me. Computers are strange!

    Thanks again for your help. I’ll let you know how things are working after a few days.


    1. Scott Post author

      Hi Walt,

      Just tested on Win7 FF45.0.1 – all OK for me.
      I used: in a new tab and re-use tab
      I am guessing that perhaps one of your Firefox about:config settings may be customized ?

      Anyway it sounds like you have found a solution, so that is the most important outcome.

      Regards, Scott.

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