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  1. clarksavagejr

    Bug Report Since the latest update, MyWeeklyBrowsing is opening each website twice. Firefox 28.0, Windows 7, and I’m keeping that version of Firefox until the theme updates to a newer version so if your only advice is to update it, don’t bother.

    1. Scott Post author

      Hi Clark,

      I installed a copy of Firefox 28 on Windows 8.1 with MWBS 0.9.4. I added a simple website to the original schedule and it opened as expected, so I could not re-produce your problem.

      If you are happy to share some more details, then I can investigate further for you.
      Were you using the new Repeat Schedules or the original Schedules ?

      You can of course, revert back to the previous version MWBS 0.9.2 if you wish.

      Just a cautionary note on using old versions of Firefox:

      Regards, Scott.

  2. clarksavagejr

    The old schedules from previous versions. I allowed it to auto-update and it started the day of the last update.

    1. Scott Post author

      OK, thanks for clarifying.

      Can you please try these troubleshooting steps for me.

      1. First we need to locate your Firefox profile folder. If you open the MWBS Options and Preferences window (see here: you will see the path to your profile folder at the bottom of the screen, ie
      – write this path on a piece of paper
      2. Close MWBS and close Firefox
      3. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to your profile folder that you wrote on the paper. In your profile folder you will see a sub-folder called: chrome Re-name this sub-folder from: chrome to: chrome1
      4. Open Firefox, then open MWBS. You should see a blank schedule, with http:// (double-click to edit). So double-click and enter: Then tick the box for today eg. Fri and set the time a minute or two into the future for your timezone eg. if its 10 28 pm, then enter 10 30 pm. Click OK to save the new schedule and then observe what happens when the scheduled time is reached in a minute or two. It should, of course, just open a single tab with the Google page. (my testing on FF28 was perfectly OK).
      5. If that is successful, then it suggests there is something specific with your schedules or settings that is causing your problem.
      6. If that is unsuccessful then it suggests possibly an incompatibility with another FF add-on, so revert back to MWBS 0.9.2.
      7. To restore your schedules, first close Firefox, then rename the: chrome sub-folder to: chrome2 and rename the: chrome1 sub-folder back to: chrome
      Open Firefox and open MWBS and all your old schedules should be displayed.

      If you need further clarification on any of the steps just post another comment here.
      Let me know how it goes.

      Regards, Scott.

  3. clarksavagejr

    I’ve already reset back to MWBS 0.9.2 which did fix the problem. Sorry but it’s a little late to try this. =/

    1. Scott Post author

      OK, if you do not want to pursue it any further and as you wish to stay on the old FF28, then 0.9.2 sounds like it is working OK for you πŸ™‚

      Regards, Scott.

  4. Eric

    Repeat schedules – Is there something that needs to be done to enable these? Other than selecting Repeat > Start > Time >Reload Every ? The schedule never fires.

    1. Scott Post author

      Hi Eric,

      No, there is nothing special required for Repeat Schedules.
      Do be careful of the Start/Next and Time settings to make sure that you choose a Date/Time in the Future.

      Try the following as a test case:

      Schedule Name: Test
      Repeat: Daily every: 1 day(s)
      Start/Next: 20/08/2015 (today date) End: checked (no end date)
      Time: 8 38 am (two minutes into the future)
      Reload Website: every: 1 minute(s) until: 8 48 am (10 minutes into the future)
      Click OK to save and then OK again

      Website should load every 1 minute from the time you entered until the time you entered (10 times in my example)

      If you are still having difficulties, please post the settings that you used.

      Regards, Scott

      1. Eric

        Hi Scott,

        FF (40.0.2) is still not opening the page. Here’s a screenshot of the settings entered. I used your test case params. I had set the schedule at 8:19 AM, following each of your instructions.

        Please let me know if there’s anything else you’d have me try. Feel free to contact me directly if needed.



      2. Scott Post author

        Hi Eric,

        A couple of additional questions:

        Do your standard schedules (not Repeat Schedules) open OK ?

        When your Repeat Schedules fail to open, did you get any error messages ?
        (you can check for errors by opening the browser console – Ctrl+Shift+J on Windows)

        Do you have any other Firefox add-ons installed that deal with tabs ?
        or script control ?

        The test case works fine for me, so it suggests something else in your schedules/settings/configuration.

        Thanks, Scott.

  5. Eric


    Here you go:


    I’ve also disabled all add-ons, restarted FF and tried again. My standard schedule works as expected. In options, I’ve also tried setting it to open a new tab or window and reuse.

    1. Scott Post author

      Thanks Eric,

      I tried exactly the same as your schedules (except for the “SO” repeat) and your settings – and it works fine for me.
      So there must be something more subtle.

      Could you please do the following:
      1. Locate your schedules_lks4472.txt and repeatSchedules_lks4472.txt files. These will be in the folder shown on the Options/Preference screen.
      2. Open each file separately in Notepad and Select All, then Copy and Paste the contents into a new Feedback Comment. So one Feedback Comment for the schedules_lks4472.txt and one Feedback Comment for the repeatSchedules_lks4472.txt

      That way I can have a look at exactly what is being saved.
      I wont post these in public to protect your privacy (and delete any schedules you don’t want to share).

      Many Thanks for your assistance – I appreciate your help.

      Regards, Scott.

    1. Scott Post author

      Thanks Eric.

      Everything looks OK and my testing using your data worked OK for me.

      One further idea to try if you can.
      Create a fresh Firefox profile by following the steps here:
      Then start Firefox using the fresh profile and download and install MWBS.
      Create the test repeat schedule as before.
      Open the browser console Ctrl+Shift+J and watch for any error messages under the name: linkschedule_lks4472 at the time the website is scheduled to open.

      Let me know how it goes.

      Regards, Scott.

      1. Eric

        Even after using a new profile, no repeating schedules are fired. I tried creating multiple for the same site, restarting before use… The dev panel also shows no errors. I’ll try everything on some other systems to see if I can get that portion to work at all. The current one is Win7 sp1 Pro.

        Thanks for your continued attempts to work this through!


  6. Paul

    Not sure what i’m doing wrong but I don’t know how to add a group to a schedule, or rather schedule all pages in a group to open every few hours.

    I’ve put all the websites i want opening every 4 hours into a group but when I click on ‘Add Repeat Schedule’ it seems it wants the websites added individually there again.

    How do I go about adding a schedule to a group (for every x hours rather than once a day)?


    1. Scott Post author

      Hi Paul,

      If you want to schedule a group of websites for every x hours (rather than once a day) then you need to use the Repeat Schedule.

      So click on the Add Repeat Schedule button to open the Add Repeat Schedule window.
      Then click the Add New button (or Add from clipboard) to create your group of websites.
      Then choose the selection you want for “Repeat” (daily), the “Start/Next” date, the “Time” (start time) and then choose the selection you want for “Reload website” (every x hours until y pm). When you have finished click OK to save the Repeat Schedule.

      See the example here: (for a group of two websites)

      Regards, Scott.

  7. Paul

    Thanks Scott. This is exactly how i’ve been doing it. I thought there may be a method for simply adding a group from the main Schedule page to the Repeat Schedule section rather than have to manually add websites in the Repeat Schedule. I’d prefer that as I can re-order the websites from the group. In the Repeat Schedule, there doesn’t seem to be any option to change order, add from bookmarks etc.

    Is there any way, if possible, of simply adding a group created in main schedule to the Repeat Schedule page? That would be a very handy feature πŸ™‚

    Thanks πŸ™‚

    1. Scott Post author

      Hi Paul,

      Unfortunately no there is not.
      At present you would have to cut and paste to change the order.
      Yes it would be a handy feature – maybe one day πŸ™‚

      Regards, Scott.

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