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  1. Bill

    Can anyone tell me what happened & how to correct it. I’ve used this for several years now without trouble & love it & rely on it. I’ve been gone for a week and upon return & startup I had several updates that auto installed. I don’t know what all installed or if that caused the issue, but now my sights don’t auto open like they used to. I checked & I’m running 0.9.2 but now they only open if I open the program and go to “open webwsite now” but not when Foxfire starts. Any idea as to whats wrong and how to correct?

    1. Scott Post author

      Hi Bill,

      There was an update to Firefox 38 yesterday (and some Windows updates – if you run Windows), but My Weekly Browsing Schedule 0.9.2 should be working OK (it is for me).

      A couple of things you might like to try:
      Remove My Weekly Browsing Schedule, then download 0.9.2 and install it again (your schedules will still be preserved).

      Some more trouble-shooting ideas here:

      Let me know how it goes.

      Regards Scott.

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