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  1. Dave

    I use imacros. How to play a recorded bookmark every 30 min using my weekly… I want to leave firefox open and watch it play e ery 30min

  2. Scott Post author

    Hi Dave,

    You just create a new row in the schedule table for each time you want it to play. You can create as many as you like. You might also like to create a simple text file with the website bookmark URL and then use the Import Schedules (on the Options screen).
    So if you want to start at say 8am and go through to 8pm you will need 12 x 2 = 24 rows in the text file with the same website bookmark URL on each line of the text file (just cut & paste). Then select (tick) the days of the week that you want it to play on the Options screen and finally click the Import button. Once it is imported, then just set the time for every 30 minutes starting at 8am and finishing at 8pm.

    Regards, Scott.

  3. Dave

    My weekly browsing does not open my bookmark when i schedule. Sometimes it works sometimes i doesnt. I dont know what is the problem. I think im doind everything correctly. First i record on imacros save the file and add it to bookmarks. Then i open my weekly and i add from bookmarks the same file and schedule it but it doesnt work. Can you tell me whats the problem?

  4. Dave

    Also another question. Sometimes it works good it starts playing one by one on the liste from top to bottom but after three or four it stops just freezes and i have to close firefox and open again sometimes it plays the one it missed and it stops again. whats the problem?

    1. Scott Post author

      Hi Dave,

      A few things to try to resolve your problem.
      1) When you create your iMacro and save it as a bookmark, make sure that it actually works by running it first, before adding it to My Weekly Browsing Schedule (MWBS).
      2) After you add the iMacro to MWBS, make sure the iMacro works before you schedule it, by holding down the CTRL key and clicking the row in the schedule table (Ctrl-Click) that contains the iMacro that you want to run.
      3) In MWBS make sure you have ticked the day of the week column correctly AND you have set the time correctly.

      There is no reason why MWBS would run the schedule sometimes correctly and sometimes not correctly – it should run correctly every single time.

      Regards, Scott.

    2. Scott Post author

      Hi Dave,

      Are you scheduling each iMacro to open in a new tab ?
      If you have a lot of tabs open, particularly if they are playing audio or video that can sometimes have an impact on Firefox’s performance.
      There is an option in MWBS to “re-use tab” if you want to use the same tab each time – if you are playing audio or video this is probably worth considering.

      Regards, Scott.

  5. GunterW

    ‘Dynamic Dates’ with weekdays?

    Hi Scott!
    Thanks (again) for your great little addon!
    I have been using it for a long time now, without any problems.
    But… I have a feature-request (again):
    Could there be a placeholder for the names of weekdays (Mo – Su or Mon – Sun or german Mo – So) in the Dynamic-Dates-Feature?
    This is (again) my example-website:
    this will open the radioplay-list for week 42 in 2014 and jump to thursday (german: DOnnerstag).
    This is my entry in “My Weekly Browsing” with dynamic date (weeknumber) :{WWJJ}.html (german “JJ” instead of “YY”)
    Can You (again) help me with the jump to e.G. Donnerstag?


    1. Scott Post author

      Hi Gunter,

      While this is technically possible, the complexity is that there are too many combinations across the 12 different languages. So unfortunately I have to say no to your request.
      (someone else asked me about this a few years ago, and I had to say no to them as well)

      Sorry about that.

      Regards, Scott.

      1. GunterW

        Ok, I can see the problem… Too many different names for weekdays in all the languages.

        Now I added 7 links with “{WWJJ}.html” plus the “#MO”, “#DI”, “#MI” …. for the jumping.
        Actually I imported the 7 links from a textfile.

        And that leads me to another idea/wish:
        Could the import-features (importing from textfile or from bookmarks) have an option to not only select the weekdays but also the time to open the imported entries?
        Well, there is already this workaround:
        1st set the default time in the options-dialog, then do the importing.
        But it would be a little more convenient to have a time-select-field while doing the import.
        Not really important, but maybe in later versions?

        Thank You for your great work!
        Mit bestem Gruß from Germany

      2. Scott Post author

        Hi Gunter,

        >> “Now I added 7 links with “{WWJJ}.html” plus the “#MO”, “#DI”, “#MI” …. for the jumping.”

        Good solution !

        >> “Well, there is already this workaround:
        1st set the default time in the options-dialog, then do the importing.
        But it would be a little more convenient to have a time-select-field while doing the import.
        Not really important, but maybe in later versions?”

        Good idea – I will look at this for a future version.

        I am planning (at this stage) to do some work in late December-early January on MWBS.
        One item that I want to look at is the feasibility of doing some simple repeating as a few people have asked about that.

        If you (or anyone else) have any suggestions for new features – NOW is the time to ask.
        I cannot make any promises, but I am always willing to listen to any and all suggestions.

        Regards, Scott.

  6. GunterW

    “I am planning (at this stage) to do some work in late December-early January on MWBS.
    One item that I want to look at is the feasibility of doing some simple repeating as a few people have asked about that.
    If you (or anyone else) have any suggestions for new features – NOW is the time to ask.”

    Hi Scott!

    In German we say “Schlafende Hunde soll man nicht wecken”.
    Or as I just learned in English: “Let sleeping dogs lie”.

    Well, You just woke me up…
    Live with the consequences! 😉

    I see two major subjects that could be more convenient in MWBS:
    1) quickly scheduling a new website for later view or for regular view
    2) managing a growing surfplan / scheduling-table

    Some ideas:

    – copy/clone an URL-entry
    e.g. as a shortcut when I want to schedule the same website in the morning and also in the afternoon and at night

    – multi selection of entries e.g. to delete or to open several websites in the browser at once

    – a button beneath the surfplan-list to open marked website(s) (“Open Selected Website(s) Now”)
    (opening a single website can already be done by Control+Mouseclick, but this would no longer be available when making the list multi-selectable by Control+Mouseclick)

    – making the entries in the surfplan-list draggable by mouse (sort/duplicate/move into a group) or adding a contextmenu, from which you can delete/duplicate/sort/open entries/move entries into groups.

    – selecting several entries and merging them into a group (of course different scheduling options of these entries would get lost and would have to be newly configured for the group)

    – “Alternative groups” (one URL, different schedules):
    Now a “group” is a list of different websites, that are all scheduled to open at the same times.
    Could there be a way to set a single website-url and than have multiple lines in the table to set different times to open that website?
    (e.g. a newspage that I want to open every weekday at 7:00, 12:30, 16:00, 21:00, and on saturdays and sundays only at 10:00 and 20:00)
    Of course I can schedule all this by adding multiple entries with the same url.
    But it would be more convenient to add the URL only once and than have multiple lines for the different schedules.
    And for better clearness in the table I could collapse and expand these lines like I do with the “groups”.

    – Alternatively there could be an additional dialog for “Extended Schedule Options”, launched from a button or a context-menu for the marked URL-entry. In this dialog there could be several lines for different schedules of the same URL (as described above).

    – And if there was such a dialog for “Extended Schedule Options” (per URL), there could also be URL-specific options for launching in new window/new tab/reused tab/Focus tab to front/load tab when selected and so on (overriding the default settings from the options-screen)

    – from browser contextmenu or MWBS-toolbarbutton:
    Quick access to open this website every day / on weekdays / on weekends / every x days / every week / every x weeks / every month / on date… etc.
    Maybe even things like launch/reload every 30 minutes / 1 hour / 2 hours / at xx clock …
    But some of these commands are now not compatible with the existing scheduling system.
    This kind of quick schedules is what lacks a bit in MWBS. (Compared to other addons like “Browse Periodically”, “Check4Change”, “Tab Auto Reload”, “TabAlarm” etc… – but don’t worry, MWBS will allways be my favourite 😉 )

    Importing from bookmarks or from textfile:
    – now these two import-functions are found at different places (main MWBS-screen and the options screen), perhaps they should be found at one place
    – as mentioned in an earlier post: option to import with a specified time-setting
    – new function to import a list of urls from clipboard instead of from a textfile
    – option to import a list of urls directly into a (new) group instead of importing them as single entries

    – A way to export the whole list of websites (or only selected entries) to a textfile or to a CSV-file for edditing in a spreadsheet.
    Now, if this export-format would include the scheduled days and times in an editable format, we could easily change these settings, clone entries for different opening-times and so on, an then re-import the list.
    Of course MWBS would have to prevent exact duplicates when importing such a list.
    But maybe this will be interesting only for a few of us freaks…

    – At the bottom of the options-dialog the location of
    ‘schedules_lks4472.txt’ is only displayed, but the string it is not selectable for copying. There could even be a button to open the file in the default editor or to open the containing folder in explorer.

    – options to temporarily disable or “pause” MWBS when I’m busy with something else and want to open all those scheduled websites later in this browser session or when I start the browser next time. “But I don’t want to miss my daily bunch of scheduled websites – just a little later please!”
    Maybe you could spent the MWBS-toolbar-button a context-menu with items like “Disable/Enable MWBS schedules”, or “Temporarily disable MWBS until next browser-session”, “disable scheduling for 1 hour” or something like that.

    There are some features/options in MWBS that are a bit hidden or hard to find or need the knowledge of syntax, like the ones desribed on the “How-To”-pages (e.g. “Open Websites on Specific Dates”, “Dynamic Dates” etc. ).
    Maybe these advanced URL-specific settings could be more accessible from the MWBS-interface.
    E.g. a little dialog that appears when right-clicking on the date-field, allowing to select a date, choosing start-date or end-date, and a little text explaining the syntax and giving examples like on the “How-To”-online-pages (like “01,04,07,10/12 = 12th day of every quarter starting in January” ).
    The “Dynamic Dates” could be explained in a dialog accessable from a context-menu-click on the Website-field.
    And again: these options and explanations could appear in the previously mentioned URL-specific “Extended Schedule Options”-dialog.
    Of course you could even add complex dialogs to interactively insert these “dynamic dates” placeholders or the “specific dates”, but a short explanation with examples should be enough…

    Oh, and there is still this old idea of mine:
    instead of opening lots of new tabs with scheduled URLs, MWBS could optionally just add these URLs to an internal list. And clicks on the MWBS-toolbar-button could launch these websites one after another, one with every click. (Alternativ to selecting from the pop-up list on the toolbar-button).
    (like the old and gone “Morning Bookmarks”-addon)

    But of course:
    “My Weekly Browsing Scheduler” is very a fine addon just the way that it is now!

    So THANK YOU very much for your great work!

    MfG (“Mit freundlichen Grüßen”)

    1. Scott Post author

      Hi Gunter,

      WOW – that is a good list. Thanks for your suggestions. It is good to get user feedback.
      I will have a look at these over the next few days. Some are certainly possible, some are technically difficult and may not be possible.

      It would be helpful to give me an idea of which are the most important in terms of your priorities. Perhaps a Top 10 list in order of importance (just put a number against each suggestion from your list).

      Thanks again.

      Regards, Scott.

  7. Ed

    I would love to use this with Android. I am running Android 4.2.2 and when I try to install it I get a message that it is not compatible with Firefox 33. Are there plans to make it compatible with Android, or is it just my version of Android?

    1. Scott Post author

      Hi Ed,

      When I submit new versions, I only approve compatibility with Windows/Mac/Linux OS. I guess it must be incompatible with Android. I don’t use Android myself, so I have never tried to install it.

      Regards, Scott.

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