Feedback – Archive Q3 2014


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  1. Bill Colson

    I generally place my machine into hibernate so it never shows as closing. This said my pages don’t load in the morning at the set time. I’ve been unable to find any combination of options that will auto open pages unless Foxfire is shut down & restarted. Am I missing something or is a possible feature to be added at a later date? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Gina

    in German we say: „Das Bessere ist der Feind des Guten“, and so I changed from morning coffee to My Weekly Browsing Schedule – it is really much better!!!

    I only have two problems, but I think you can help me easily:

    1. It does not save my personal order of websites in the table. The column is always sorted alphabetically, regardless of whether there are groups or websites. Within a group it is the same problem.

    2. Select time/group: There is always “ <8 “. My chosen time is not saved (I prefer “no time”)

    Perhaps it is important for you to know:
    – I didn’t choose any time for loading the websites
    – I didn’t enable “Website opens at Firefox startup”
    – my chosen Default Time is “No set time (blank)”.
    What is Default Time for?

    Thank you so much for the development of My Weekly Browsing Schedule and your friendly support!

    1. Scott Post author

      Guten tag Gina,

      1. Some basic notes on Sorting:
      If you click the Website column heading (click to sort) it will sort in Ascending (up triangle icon), then Descending (down triangle icon), then the Original Unsorted order (no triangle icon).
      I gather from your comment that you prefer to keep the Original Unsorted order ?
      – if that is correct then I would suggest do not use the sort at all, instead just use the Up and Down arrow keys to arrange the Websites that you want them arranged into.

      Now based on your comment: “It does not save my personal order of websites in the table. The column is always sorted alphabetically, regardless of whether there are groups or websites. Within a group it is the same problem.”
      It appears that it is not saving in your Original Unsorted order, but is always saving alphabetically ?

      Perhaps you could give me an example of what happens when you save (just use some common websites like Google, Amazon, Microsoft etc to show me exactly what happens) – thankyou.

      2. OK – so I think you would like to set the default “Select time / group” to remember what it was when you last used it ?
      I think this would be a good feature, so I will look at what programming needs to be done to add this feature over the next few days.

      Grüße, Scott

  3. Paul

    Firstly, thanks for creating such a useful extension 🙂

    At the moment, I can only get the links to open in separate tabs of a current window or get each tab to open in a new window.

    Is there any way of the scheduler opening a new firefox window and opening the tabs in that?


    1. Scott Post author

      Hi Paul,

      There are three options to choose from:

      a) in a new tab – this loads the website in a new tab in the ACTIVE window, so if you have more than one Firefox window open, it loads the tab in the most recent active window.
      b) in a new window – this loads the website in a new window each time.
      c) alert in toolbar – this broadcasts the new website to ALL the open Firefox windows (but you have to click the dropdown button to open the tab).

      They are the only options.

      Regards, Scott.

  4. Paul

    Thanks Scott 🙂

    So far I’m using solution a) but have multiple links in the schedule to open at the same time and it would be handy to have them all open in separate tabs in a single, newly opened FF window. Is that something that could be implemented?


    1. Scott Post author

      Hi Paul,

      Yes I think a basic version is probably possible.
      You would choose “in a new window” and I would add a checkbox called “re-use window”, so that separate new tabs open automatically only in the new second Firefox window. If you close the second Firefox window, it would re-open a new second Firefox window when the next scheduled website is due.

      I will have a look the programming required over the next few days.

      Regards, Scott.

  5. Paul

    Hi Scott,

    Thank you 🙂 If it’s not too much trouble, that addition would be fantastic!
    I hope others will find it useful too.


  6. Paul

    Thanks Scott,
    Looking forward to trying it. I’ll leave feedback here once it’s available and I’ve had a play.

  7. Paul

    Thanks Scott,
    The new window with re-use window works perfectly and as you described.
    Your work is much appreciated 🙂

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