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  1. Alain Denommee

    I have an iMacro on favorites that I’d like to run every hour. It seems to be Ok for 3-4 times but then it just stop. I’m on Windows7 with I7/8gb of RAM, memory is not saturated but MWBS will not run again unless I reload FF29, What gives?

  2. Scott Post author

    Hi Alain,

    There is no reason why My Weekly Browsing Schedule should suddenly stop after 3-4 times – there is no limit. (I myself open several websites 10-12 times repeatedly each day and I have never experienced a stop.)

    In terms of memory usage, My Weekly Browsing Schedule uses a tiny amount of memory – so small that it doesn’t even register as a significant entry. You can verify this yourself by typing about:memory into the Firefox URL bar and then searching for My Weekly Browsing Schedule using verbose mode.

    My guess is that it is probably something to do with the iMacro you are trying to run. I don’t use iMacro myself, so I am limited in what I can help you with. If you like to provide some more details I can perhaps try to investigate it for you.

    Regards, Scott.

  3. Bill

    I need some help. I have used this for years now & recently decided I wanted to set up sights to open at the beginning of the season. I have tried multiple combinations of the info under dynamic dates w/o luck. Could demonstrate or better explain how this works. Here is a sample sight I use. I appreciate any help I can receive. THANKS!!

  4. Ervin

    My website run in linux server and one folder is password protected (example /test). It is possible, that put username and password into website link (example: http: // /test/myscript.php) that run in schedule?

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