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  1. Michael

    I like your addon except I hate it. What I hate about it is that on my 15″ laptop the configuration window extends past the edge of my screen. This is really frustrating when I want to make changes to my setup and can’t save them.

    1. Scott Post author

      Hi Michael,

      Works fine on my 15″ laptop.

      You can also access the Options and Preferences screen from the Firefox Add-ons Manager.
      Click Firefox >> Add-ons to bring up the Add-ons Manager.
      Click Extensions and select My Weekly Browsing Schedule, then click the Options button.

      Regards Scott.

  2. MikeInTexas

    Hi Scott,
    I had a problem similar to a Mar 13, 2013 response regarding MWBS hanging. I followed you suggestions to no avail which left the last part of your answer that something might be wrong with schedules_lks4472.txt. I was fine with all that and decided to make a copy and then clean the _lks4472.txt file. 2 Questions: 1)What type of database structure is that file as I’ve tried to import and/or view it through a number of programs and can’t make heads or tails of Record Column names and/or the actual record data? I would prefer to keep that in tact since I have everything grouped. 2) As I couldn’t figure out question #1, I decided to clean the file so it only retained the HTTP url addresses. I then would import that file from within MWBS. Is there an easier way to ‘clean’ that txt file, i.e. stip every thing out except the addresses? I went through a dozen attempts using Notepad++, PSPad, ConText, etc… trying to use any of their tools to do this. (I’m not a programmer, but I’m comfortable getting into a database table to make alterations.) Bottom line, I had to import it into Excel, use a couple of tricks I knew there and finally saved it back as a txt fle. Any easier way?

    P.S. Love the extension. Used Morning Coffee forever. Now I’ve been using this one forever!

    1. Scott Post author

      Hi Mike,

      Sorry to hear you had a problem.

      It sounds like you have already done these steps ?

      Make sure Firefox is closed down.
      Then what I need you to do is Rename all of the files that end in _lks4472.txt
      You can do this by simply Renaming the .txt to .old
      There should be about 5 or 6 of these: _lks4472.txt files.
      Then re-start Firefox and see whether that fixes the problem.

      If that works, then close down Firefox.
      Locate the schedules_lks4472.old file and Rename it back to schedules_lks4472.txt
      This will restore your schedules.
      Re-start Firefox and see whether it is still OK.
      If it still hangs, then there might be a problem with your schedules_lks4472.txt file.

      If you have completed those steps then it does sound like the problem is with your schedules_lks4472.txt file.

      The best way to fix the schedules_lks4472.txt file is from a backup copy (if you have one).
      If you don’t have a backup copy, then if you are happy to share the file with me you can cut and paste the contents of the schedules_lks4472.txt file and reply as Feedback back to me – I wont publish the contents online (only you and I will see it) – and I will locate the problem for you. If you prefer to keep the contents private (and I certainly respect your privacy) then your method of using Excel to recover the Website URL addresses may be the best solution.

      In answer to your questions:
      1) the schedules are stored in a simple text file that you can open with Notepad, but it is a customized format (no other program with be able to interpret it properly).
      2) if you were able to open it with Excel and extract the Website URL addresses, then that’s fine. I would suggest creating a new file with Notepad and then cut and paste the Website URL addresses into that Notepad file with each Website URL address on a new line. You should then be able to import the Notepad file containing the Website URL addresses using the Import function.

      In the future I will look into adding a new function to create backup copies of the schedules_lks4472.txt automatically, which would make it easier to recover if a system crash damages the file.

      Regards Scott.

  3. Scott Post author

    FIREFOX 28

    There is a minor bug in MWBS for Firefox 28.
    If you use the “Dont load tabs until selected” option, then in Firefox 28, it is not displaying the URL in the tab – it shows “New Tab” instead.

    I will fix this next week.
    If anyone spots any other bugs please let me know.

    Regards Scott.

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