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  1. jason

    Is it possible to set the “My Weekly Browsing Schedule” as the [options, general] home page? Or as the “When Firefox starts.” page(s)? I would like to avoid having any page other than the scheduled pages open.

    1. Scott Post author

      Hi Jason,

      Firefox has only three options for “When Firefox starts”
      1. Show my home page
      2. Show a blank page
      3. Show my windows and tabs from last time

      If you don’t want any other pages, I would suggest choosing 2. Show a blank page

      Apparently there are also ways of using a command line to start Firefox from a shortcut which allows some customization

      Hope that helps.

      Regards Scott

  2. Jason Tyler

    No not helpful. I do appreciate the response however. I actually want only the wondrous “My Weekly Browsing Schedule” to be my home page and open firefox no other pages.
    The issue is that the home page becomes the active page when the browser finally opens, while ‘My Weekly Browsing Schedule’ populates my scheduled pages in tabs BELOW, as in hidden by the assigned home page.
    It would be a nice feature-to assign the schedule as the home page.

    Heck if I could turn the home page off I would be happy, but we cant.

  3. Bill Colson

    Per our email. I enter many contests which allow for daily, weekly and monthly entries. These sometimes run for several months. My suggestion for an “end date” would be for a field which would either stop the auto-load function or delete the entry all together. The contest ends on xx/xx/xxxx so this date could be entered into a field that would stop/remove that sight on the given date. Just a thought!

    1. Scott Post author

      Hi Bill,

      Thanks for your example.
      Let me give your suggestion some thought over the next few weeks and I will see what might be possible.

      Regards Scott

  4. Victor Fury

    Love this, especially for keeping track of my many, many webcomics for relaxation every night. I’d forget half of them without this program, and it’s beautiful.
    I’d ask for a monthly scheduler, but this is good enough for my needs.

  5. GunterW

    1) Just startet trying this Add-On, was looking for something like this for a long time – might get one of my favorites!
    2) “Dynamic Dates”-Feature is very nice, but:
    Could there be a placeholder for “Week” (Number of week in the year), please?
    With optional leading zeros or not.

    Thanks for your work!

    1. Scott Post author

      Hi Gunter,

      Yes that should be possible.
      For example:
      WW = 01-52/53
      W = 1-52/53
      Following ISO 8601

      Localized to local languages of course.
      Give me a week or two to modify the code.

      Regards Scott

  6. GunterW

    Looking forward to this new feature!
    Oh… Sorry… but….
    Could you also add a feature to increment the time-/date-placeholders?
    E.g. launch the TV-program-site for tomorrow using {YYYY-MM-{DD+1}}
    or the radioplay-preview for next week using {YY-{WW+1}} or a similar syntax?

    Thanks again for your work!

  7. Gerry

    Hi Scott,
    Thanks for developing this add-on which is absolutely brilliant.
    I’m using it with iMacros on Ubuntu to update time sensitive data on websites e.g. as close to, but not over 3pm. I was wondering where My weekly Browsing Schedule syncs it’s time from? I’m trying to get these updates as accurate as possible and noticed that scheduling a bookmark to run at say 2 59 pm will actually kick off anywhere between 14:59:15 and 14:59:45. Obviously varying page load times makes this more of an art than a science but it would be great to be able to check exactly what time your scheduler is working to and then i can pad my imacros with WAIT statements accordingly to get as close to my desired update time as possible. Hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance Gerry

    1. Scott Post author

      Hi Gerry,

      Your observations are correct.
      The time comes from your computers system clock, but as far as scheduled websites opening is concerned, that timing is only accurate to within one minute. When I first wrote the code it was not my intention to produce a super accurate timer and I had (and still have) no intention of adding a seconds column to the schedule table. I was simply happy with an accuracy to within one minute.

      Having said that, there are possibly some tweaks that I could make to improve the accuracy down to about a second or two, so I will have a look at that.

      With regards to your requirement for time sensitive data, I notice that you are using iMacros. I don’t use iMacros myself (I write my own custom extensions), but it seems a very useful add-on. I searched the iMacros Wiki and noted that they have a facility for getting the time using the !NOW function:!NOW . It seems that you should be able to use the !NOW to get the seconds, eg 14:59:37, then use 60 minus 37 = 23 to get the number of seconds (23) for the !WAIT function. So you might be able to give that a try.

      Let me know how it goes.

      Regards Scott.

      1. Gerry

        Thanks for the quick reply Scott,

        I’ll test out the !NOW function and see if it will help me get closer to my preferred update time.
        I agree that adding a seconds column would be overkill..
        Even when i do a manual web update i’m finding a +/- 5-10 second variance due to fluctuating page loading times and ISP baandwidth peaks so getting things to the exact second is unrealistic. If i could consistently get my updates completion time to fall within a 15 second time window I’d be happy.

        It’s funny, i tried My weekly Browsing Schedule a few months ago and gave up in frustration because every time i scheduled a bookmark macro to run at say 7.00pm Wed, nothing happened and impatiently i just thought it didn’t work.
        It was only when i got random macros popping up on subsequent wednesday evenings that i went back to investigate and realised that it could take up to 40 seconds for the timed macros to spring into life.
        I’m so glad i went back to investigate because it now works just as i had hoped it would.

        If it didn’t involve too much work, It would be great if you could add those accuracy tweaks to the timer and bring the open times a bit closer to the trigger minute.


      2. Scott Post author

        Hi Gerry,

        Some good news. I have a working prototype that will run the schedule at 1 or 2 seconds after the trigger minute.
        So I will incorporate this into the next update along with Gunter’s request (above).

        Regards Scott

  8. Gerry

    Hi Scott,
    Great news indeed, thanks for working on this so promptly.
    This will really help to tighten up the timings.

  9. Frank

    1st- I love and NEED My Weekly Browsing Schedule.
    2nd- Not working in FF20.01 or now 21.0. I recently started getting this message upon Starting FF …

    “A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete.
    Script: chrome://linkschedule/content/linkschedule.js:715”
    I’m thinking? this has to do with MWBS
    None of my MWBS tabs launch until I go to the MWBS window and open the website(s) from there.
    Help, Frank

    1. Scott Post author

      Hi Frank,

      This sounds like one of your files has not been saved properly.
      The only time I have seen something like this happen was once when Windows XP crashed.
      It somehow caused one of the MWBS files to be not updated properly. This may have been what happened to you.

      Please follow the steps shown here:
      It is most likely that the file that caused the problem is the one called:
      Please first try renaming lastdatetime_lks4472.txt to lastdatetime_lks4472.old

      That should fix the problem.

      Regards Scott

  10. GunterW

    Hi Scott!
    Thank You for adding the requested features!!!
    The placeholder for weeknumbers and the “look-ahead”-function to increment date-values work fine.
    These placeholders for “Dynamic Dates”-urls should be a regular feature for Firefox bookmarks!

    But there is a problem with the “look-ahead”-function at pages that use no separators, e.g.: (german radioplays for the current week)
    Where “2113” in the url stands for week 21 in year 2013.
    I tried to launch the page for the next week using this string in the “My Weekly Browsing”-configuration:{WW+1JJ}.html (german localization: “JJ” instead of “YY”)
    But this will still open
    I checked that the page for the following week is already online:
    Am I making a mistake or is this a problem with the syntax of “My Weekly Browsing”?
    I hope this can be fixed.

    And I have a new request for a feature…. 😉
    Now that I’m using this add-on for more and more webpages, there are a lot of new tabs on browser-start.
    I used another add-on called “Morning Bookmarks” for many years, that is not working for new versions of Firefox anymore.
    It was much less smart than “My Weekly Browsing”. It just kept a list of urls and switched to the next page in the list when clicking on it’s toolbar-button.
    Now I thought of “My Weekly Browsing” acting similar to that:
    Instead of opening lots of tabs for the scheduled webpages or just indicating the number of pages and providing a popup-menu with the links, it could open the waiting pages in a queue one by one with each click on it’s toolbar-button or on the small counting number next to it.
    This would be a little more convenient when having many scheduled webpages.
    How about that…?

    Oh… and two or three more wishes:
    – Option to load pages every xx minutes or hours
    – Option for monthly schedules. (was mentioned before)
    – Option to load a page starting on a certain Date (opposite to the end-date), or maybe even just load a page on a certain date (with no repeating)

    That would make me remove one or two other add-ons that have only one of these functions…

    Thank You again for Your great add-on!
    Greetings from Germany!

    1. Scott Post author

      Hi Gunter,

      The Look-Ahead function is based on the number of Days
      So to look ahead 1 week use +7 (7 days)
      In your example it would be: http: //www{WWJJ+7}.html

      >> “Instead of opening lots of tabs for the scheduled webpages or just indicating the number of pages and providing a popup-menu with the links, it could open the waiting pages in a queue one by one with each click on it’s toolbar-button or on the small counting number next to it.”

      Have you tried the “Alert in toolbar” (“Warnungen in der Symbolleisten”) option ?
      It does something similar to what you describe.
      There is a drop-down menu next to the My Weekly Browsing toolbar icon which allows you to click which website to open and it also displays the number of websites ready to be opened

      If you have a lot of tabs on browser start:
      * there is also a “Dont load tabs until selected” option
      * and a “New Tab delay” option

      >> “Option to load pages every xx minutes or hours”

      The easiest way to do this is just create multiple times for the same website
      For example I have one website that I open 10 times each day
      So I just create 10 entries in the schedule (cut and paste) and then set the time for each one
      There is no limit to the number of entries, so you can have 10, 20, 50, 100, 1000 if you wish

      >> Option for monthly schedules. (was mentioned before)
      Option to load a page starting on a certain Date (opposite to the end-date),
      or maybe even just load a page on a certain date (with no repeating)

      There is already quite a bit that you can do with months and you can already just load a page on a certain date
      See: for some examples
      You can, of course, also use My Weekly Browsing to set yourself a reminder to manually create a new schedule starting on a particular date

      To create a full monthly schedule would mean the development of a full calendar application. That would go well beyond the scope of My Weekly Browsing, so I wont be doing that as it would require a completely new user interface.

      Thanks for your feedback

      Regards Scott

      1. GunterW

        Hi Scott!
        The “look-ahead”-function for next week works fine – now that I understood how to use it…
        Thank You for explaining!
        Yes, I already tried “Alert in toolbar”-option. It’s not exactly what I wanted, but it’s ok. Or maybe I will use the “Dont load tabs until selected” option.
        For monthly browsing I will keep the “Browse Periodically” add-on.
        Your add-on is fine as it works now!


      2. Scott Post author

        Hi Gunter,

        >> “Or maybe I will use the “Dont load tabs until selected” option.”

        Yes, this is the option that I use.

        Can you give me an example of the monthly browsing that you need.
        Perhaps there is something I can help you with.

        Regards Scott

  11. Gerry

    Hi Scott,
    Thanks for tightening up the trigger timings in the latest release.
    Works an absolute treat with only a second or two of delay..perfect!
    Cobined with imacros this alows me to schedule and automate practically any web based it 🙂

  12. al

    if you built a similar FF add-on that browsed random sites from some randomized list while the user surfed the web – i think you would have an add-on that the privacy fanatics would love. it would be the equivalent of “TrackMeNot” and would help in obfuscating a users browsing patterns and subsequent profiling by the tracking + advertising companies.

    Do you think it would work?

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