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  1. Rahul

    Hi Scott,

    That was quick! Thanks, it seems to be working now. The scripts do need a time lag. I will let you know if there is any problem.

  2. Mlah

    I have firefox 18.0 running in windows 8 and every time the extension opens up the websites they pop up in my existing tabs and then if I switch to that tab it refreshes to the old site. I do not have the replace tabs option set and if I go to the settings page and use the open website button there everything works fine.

    1. Scott Post author

      Hi Mlah,

      That seems odd.
      Did it work OK in Firefox 17 ?
      (there is an update 18.0.1 Firefox released yesterday – maybe try that).
      I have not seen the behaviour you describe on Windows XP or Windows 7, so my guess is that it might be a Windows 8 specific issue.

      If you click on the Show Options button, and then in the top left hand corner, there is a box where it says “Website opens” – can you tell me what selections you have made for all the options in that box. – Thanks.

      Are you also using any other Firefox extensions that relate to tabs or tab behaviour ?
      If you are, then try temporarily disabling those extensions to see if that fixes the problem.

      Regards, Scott.

  3. Mlah

    I have firefox set to update automatically so I can’t remember what the last version it worked on. All I have checked in the “Website opens” section is “new tab” I have session manager installed, looking at its options i realized it has an option to overwrite tabs. I have unchecked that and am going to see if it works now.

  4. Rahul

    Hi Scott, Few weeks back m firefox started hanging (Not Responding) upon startup. I went to safe mode and tried switching off the add-ons one by one. Turns out the problem is with your add on. Can you think of any reason why that would happen?
    Is there any conflicting extension you can think of?

    1. Scott Post author

      Hi Rahul,

      That seems a bit strange.
      So are you saying that with ALL your other addons disabled (except for My Weekly Browsing Schedule) you still have a problem with Firefox not responding ?
      Do you get an error message when Firefox hangs ?
      Sometimes this can be caused by a script that fails to complete. Do you have any scripts running on startup ?

      Regards Scott.

      1. Rahul

        Yes, with all other addons disabled except MWBS, firefox still hangs. It hangs when MWBS is on, irrespective of other addons.
        No error message, just a Not Responding in brackets in the title bar, with a blank screen. I remember that before the problem became permanent it used to hang for about 10-30 secs at startup and then run.

        I have only imacros scripts that run only when I command them. They were earlier linked to MWBS (as someone suggested in reply to my old question).

      2. Scott Post author

        OK – thanks for clarifying.

        What version of Firefox are you using ?
        What operating system are you using ?
        Please try uninstalling MWBS, re-boot your computer and make sure that Firefox starts OK.
        If OK, then download and re-install MWBS.

        If you still have problems, then locate your Firefox profile folder.
        My Weekly Browsing Schedule stores the data in a folder called “Chrome” in your Firefox Profile folder.
        You can easily find the files for My Weekly Browsing Schedule in the “Chrome” folder as they all end in: _lks4472.txt

        Make sure Firefox is closed down.
        Then what I need you to do is Rename all of the files that end in _lks4472.txt
        You can do this by simply Renaming the .txt to .old
        There should be about 5 or 6 of these: _lks4472.txt files.
        Then re-start Firefox and see whether that fixes the problem.

        If that works, then close down Firefox.
        Locate the schedules_lks4472.old file and Rename it back to schedules_lks4472.txt
        This will restore your schedules.
        Re-start Firefox and see whether it is still OK.
        If it still hangs, then there might be a problem with your schedules_lks4472.txt file.

        Let me know how it goes.

        Regards Scott.

  5. Rahul

    OK, I did everything you said and now it is working again. Thanks.
    What was the reason behind the problem?

    And should I delete the .old files? All except the schedule file have created a txt file automatically.

    1. Scott Post author

      OK – That’s good.

      Did you Rename your schedules_lks4472.old file back to schedules_lks4472.txt ?
      You need to do this to restore your schedules (unless you want to enter them again yourself).

      You can delete the other .old files.
      You might need to re-enter some of your Options and Preferences on the MWBS Show Options window.

      The only time I have seen something like this happen was once when Windows XP crashed.
      It somehow caused one of the MWBS files to be not updated properly. This may have been what happened to you.

      Regards Scott.

      1. Rahul

        Yup, I have got my old schedules back. Thanks for the help.

        My system did shut down abruptly a few times as my UPS isn’t working. Maybe the problem is because of that.

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