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  1. Kent

    I’m using Firefox 12 on a Windows Vista machine. When I used Firefox 4, the add-on functioned exactly as intended. Websites opened in the order they are listed in My Weekly Browsing, which happens to be alphabetical. Immediately after updating Firefox, the original order remains unchanged, but any new additions to the schedule always open at the end, regardless of alphabetical arrangement or not. Various sorts have not fixed this problem, and only the newly added items suffer from it. The original items still open in alphabetical order.

    I’ve already updated to the latest version of this add-on, 0.6.0, in an attempt to resolve this problem but it persists.

  2. Scott Post author

    Hi Kent,

    Upgrading from Firefox 4 to Firefox 12 should not have changed the order that websites open.

    If you are using the appropriate time window and opening the URLs (Open Website button) then they will be opened in whatever order (top to bottom) they show in the table at the time you click the Open Website button.
    Remember that you can easily change the order of the website in the table by using the Up arrow and Down arrow buttons (and click OK to save).

    Can you please give me a specific example, so I can look at it for you. Please give as much detail as possible, ie websites, groups (if you have groups) days and times, which buttons you clicked on etc – thanks.

    Regards Scott.

  3. Mark

    I’ve recently been having a problem where firefox will stall when I first open it and will report that linkscheduler.js is causing this site to load slowly. the only way to be able to use firefox is to stop the script. I’m assuming this has something to do with my weekly browsing. is there a way to reset the scheduleing or re-install the file to fix this issue?

  4. Scott Post author

    Hi Mark,

    I assume you have some Startup (*) websites that load when Firefox starts ?
    Do you have a large number of Startup (*) websites that load when Firefox starts ?
    It might cause a problem if you are trying to open too many Startup (*) websites at the same time.
    Have you tried to temporarily remove (untick) some/all of the Startup (*) websites to see if that resolves the problem ?

    It might possibly be an extension conflict ?
    Did you install any new Firefox extensions recently ?

    If you go into “Show Options”, there is a dropdown selection for “When Firefox starts wait for” which allows you to choose the number of seconds to delay before startup websites open. So you might like to select a delay of 10, 20, 30 seconds that to see if that helps with the Firefox startup.

    Regards Scott

  5. Mark

    I don’t have any sites setup to open with firefox. and changing the delay only delays the problem. would reinstalling be possible?

    1. Scott Post author

      Hi Mark,

      It might possibly be an extension conflict ?
      Did you install any new Firefox extensions recently ?
      What other Firefox extensions are you using ?

      You can try disabling it by using the Firefox Add-ons Manager.
      You can also try removing it by using the Firefox Add-ons Manager.

      Regards Scott

  6. Japanese man

    Sorry for my wrong English.
    I use Firefox 15 and set two websites to be opened at 10:00 by using group.

    When it was 10:00 during my netsurf, two blank pages were opened with error message. Content of error message is “the form of address isn’t correct” “the page wasn’t load because URL wasn’t correct”

    Addon functions correctly when I start Firefox at 10:30 or don’t use group.

    1. Scott Post author

      Hi Japanese man,

      It looks like a bug in the Group function.
      I am looking at it now and I will fix the problem as soon as possible.

      In the meantime, you can choose the “Dont load tabs until selected” (タブが選択されるまでページを読み込まない) from the “Options” (オプション…) screen – this seems to be working OK for Groups.

      Regards Scott

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