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  1. Will Thomson

    Hi MYB developer!


    First of all, thanks for a truly great utility for FF. Having used it with FF for Mac for a long time now I recently installed on a Windows PC (that for certain reasons I’m having to use – I’n not a Windows fan). My only frustration with it is that I can’t control the URL load order no matter what I try! This issue was brought up last December by a user and you said “I will fix that day sort bug in the next version.” That guy was using v0.4.8 and I’m on v0.5.4 now, but the behavior’s the same. You also said “…tabs will generally open in their original unsorted order”, so I’ve tried deleting all my URLs, reassembling in the order I want in a text editor, then importing via Import in MWB’s Options. The import worked fine, BUT FF loaded the URLs in the OPPOSITE order to MYB’s list! O.K, so I went back to the text file, reversed the order of the URLS, then imported them again (after deleting the existing URLs in MWB). Did I win this time? NO, FF still loaded the URLs in the reverse order to what I wanted (now the same order as the reversed text file). All other ways I’ve tried to sort the URL load order have failed – as you say, the MWB window is really for display purposes only.

    If there is a way round this that would great! Although my Mac version’s fine (OS 10.4.11 on PPC, FF version 3.6.28) I’m thinking of all those Windows users who would no doubt benefit from what would be a most valuable enhancement.

    Kind regards,

    Will Thomson (UK user)

      1. Scott Post author

        Hi Will,

        I notice that you have an old version of FF version 3.6.28 on the Mac.
        What version of My Weekly Browsing Schedule are you using on the Mac ?

        Are you using Groups (Add Group) in your list of websites ?

        Regards Scott

  2. Will Thomson

    Hi Scott,

    Firstly regarding Groups, no I haven’t tried using them to force a load order. I read your documentation re how they work, but it wasn’t clear whether they would have any bearing on FF’s load order. The Mac’s not a problem, so I’ll try it on my Windows system asap and report back.

    Secondly, I’m using MWB v0.3.8 on my Mac set up. It’s quite old now tech now, a Powerbook G4 PPC running OS10.4.11 (Tiger). Interestingly FF hasn’t been prompting on start-up that there are any updates to MWB (just re-launched it to double-check). If I open the Add-ons window and CTRL-Click on MWB in the list there is an option in the pop-up to check for updates. Selecting it returns a message saying no updates are available. Then I went to the Mozilla Add-ons site and downloaded v0.5.4 directly from there. FF downloaded it and prompted for a restart, but after the re-launch I still have v0.3.4 (and to confirm there is no option to load URL’s without the content until one clicks on the Tab, a later MYB function). Perhaps v0.5.4 is incompatible with my older version of FF? Not a real concern anyway, it’s the Windows PC side where the load order is an issue. I feel I should clarify the situation with the PC I have (Packard Bell AMD + Windows XP SP3 + FF v12 + MWB v0.5.4):-

    1) Put URL’s into a text file in the order I’d like them to load (1st URL at the top of the list). Using Windows Notepad with each URL on it’s own line i.e. Carriage Return delimited. File saved as an ANSI txt (other encoding options not tried)
    2) Open MYB window, delete all URLs in the list and import the txt file via Options.
    3) RESULT; URLs imported fine BUT display in MWB’s window in the exact reverse order.
    4) *WITHOUT SAVING* i.e. NOT clicking “OK”; select the appropriate time window and open the URLs (Open Website)
    5) RESULT; URLs load into FF in the correct order i.e. 1st item that was in the txt file followed by the rest to the right. Tabs load in the background whilst MWB window is still front-most.
    6) Now, select OK in MYB window to save list.
    7) Reopen MYB; list order has changed (even though I didn’t click on a column heading to sort).
    8) Select the appropriate time window and open the URLs (Open Website)
    9) RESULT, web sites now load in a seemingly random order i.e. not related to MYB’s list display OR the original import order.

    Also a correction to what I reported re my Mac’s behaviour (PPC + Mac OS 10.4.11 + FF 3.6.28 + MWB 0.3.4):-
    – Changing the list order does NOT change the FF load order, rather MWB faithfully follows the original txt file order imported, even after saving via “OK”.

    Thinking about it I wonder if it was never intended for the user to be able to control the actual order web pages load. But it would be a such a valuable asset! Here’s an example of the way I like to use MWB (and I’m sure it would apply to others too):-

    (with FF set to load new Tabs to the right of the Tab last created)
    1) Load daily weather forecast site
    2) Load weekly forecast version of above
    3) Open BBC Tennis results
    4) Open BBC Formula 1 results
    5) Open eBay account page
    6) Open BBC News page

    Six Tabs have now loaded with Tab 1) focussed. So now:-

    Tab 1) Read the content and close. Don’t need to click any links.
    Tab 2) As above
    Tab 3) As above (but if a British tennis player gets in a Grand Slam final I’ll probably open more links from within that page!)
    Tab 4) As above

    So far Tabs 1) – 4) have been looked at and closed quickly, with FF now focussed on the next right-most Tab, reading for viewing.

    Tab 5) May need to click on a link to an auction nearing completion, otherwise glance down the page and close. If I do open a link or two from this page FF is set to open them immediately to the right. When they’ve been viewed and closed Tab 6) is ready and waiting.
    Tab 6) Only this Tab now remains and multiple links will be CTRL-Clicked to open news articles in Tabs to the right, in the background.

    The beauty of this system is that one doesn’t have to keep jumping horizontally among Tabs to find the next page to view. Everything is laid out logically from left to right and as Tabs are closed the next Tab focussed is the one wanted.

    Hope this info helps!


    1. Scott Post author

      Hi Will,

      Thanks for your detailed reply – much appreciated.

      I concur with your findings about the reverse order of the imported file.
      There was a change in version 0.3.8 to allow insertion of new websites at the highlighted row in the table. Prior to version 0.3.8 new websites were simply added at the bottom of the table. It is this insertion change that caused the reverse order problem.

      The good news is that it is easily fixed.
      So I plan to release a new version in the next week or two (depending on how long it takes Mozilla to approve the fix).

      Regarding the order in which websites are loaded. If you are using the appropriate time window and opening the URLs (Open Website) then they will be opened in whatever order (top to bottom) they show in the table at the time you click the Open Website button.

      Regards Scott.

  3. Archaeopteryx

    Hi, since the update to version 0.5.6, the number of pending pages doesn’t update anymore correctly. After closing and restarting Firefox, the number got updated.

    And by the way, your overlay file contains code for add-on bar and status bar, but you have dropped support for Firefox 3.6, so I guess you don’t need the status bar code anymore.

    1. Scott Post author

      Hi Archaeopteryx,

      Thanks – I had disabled some old code for FF3.6, but not the calling event. This is what caused your problem. I will correct this.

      Regarding the status bar code, id=”status-bar”, this has been disabled (commented out) since version 0.4.2

      Regards Scott

  4. tang

    Yes, it’me. I just wanna make sure if anyone tell you about shutdown on Firefox 13 because after I upgraded to 13.0 My Weekly Browsing can’t open the websites on the exact time automatically so that I must close and rerun firefox again to make it open them, the websites.

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