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10 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. Bill Colson

    Sorry to hear the news. Yours is my favorite & maybe most often used app. I’m a senior and live alone and have used it to make sure I haven’t missed any of my many shows whether network, Hulu, Netflix, or streaming. Thanks so much! I hope someone picks up the mantle & provides something as good as you have.

  2. Anbaric

    I have so many webcomics I’m going to forget about if they aren’t brought to my attention weekly. I know quite a few coding enthusiasts, so I’ll ask them how hard making something similar would be. Sad to see you go!

  3. Mojo Jojo

    So, I came here to request a per-website option to the “don’t load tabs until selected” behavior. There’s some websites where I’d like the tab to load right away — I want the state of such-and-such web page at 3am, even if I won’t see it until later in the day. By contrast, other websites call for human intervention shortly after being loaded or else they misbehave, so loading that tab at 3am means I have to fumble to reload it later in the day.

    Then I read about how Mozilla wants to kill XUL extensions and am going through many stages of grief.

    Thanks again for your work on this extension.

  4. Keith

    Hi. I’m moving Profiles (my current is old and getting clunky) and was wondering is there a way to copy or export my current data to the new Profile?


  5. David A

    Like Mojo Jojo I can here looking for support on how to get repeating schedules to work (some always work, some never work – no idea why) and then I read about Mozilla deprecating XUL extensions. This is a real disappointment because MyWeeklyBrowsing has proved invaluable to me over the past few years, so I wanted to say thank you for providing such a quality utility for so long.

  6. William Colson

    I still love the program. I was going to move to Chrome because another program made changes that were not acceptable to me, but after two weeks I came up with a work around that allows me to come back to my great friend firefox. I have a ? about your product if you are still answering them, or if someone else can help. I’m aware I can put in a future date for a sight to open just like I can set up certain days of the week for it to open. Is there a way where I can for example set up to open on Aug, 23, 2017 and then have it open every M,W,F after that? I can do both seperate but can they be done as a single entry? Thanks so much. Again I hate to see the best on the market just go by the wayside. If I coud write a letter of recommendation to help you sell it let me know (as long as I can keep my free copy lol}. THANKS!!!

    1. Scott Post author

      Hi Bill,
      You will need separate entries to do that (or you could try a Repeat Schedule and see if that works for you).
      Thanks for your comment.
      Regards Scott

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