1. You can enter the same Website as many times as you like, for example you might like to visit a Website in the morning, at lunch time, in the afternoon and in the evening
  2. Websites that have the same day and time are loaded in the order in which they appear in the table, top (first) to bottom (last)
  3. You can change the Website order in the table by clicking on the Up and Down arrows
  4. To sort by Website, Bookmarks, Days of the Week, Catchup or Startup then simply click on the Column heading at the top of the table
  5. You can customize the layout of the table by choosing the number of Rows to Display and the width of the Schedule & Columns
  6. Use the Right-Click Menu in Firefox to easily add the current Webpage to “My Weekly Browsing”
  7. You can select multiple Bookmarks / Tags to add by using Shift + Click in “Add from Bookmarks”
  8. Use the Import function to import a list of Websites from a simple text file
  9. “Open Websites Now” will immediately open Websites for a particular Day and Time Interval
  10. You can open a single Website directly by using Ctrl + Click in the Website column
  11. Optionally close the My Weekly Browsing window when choosing “Open Websites Now” or Ctrl-Click to open a Website
  12. A “No Set Time” option for opening Websites without a Time setting
  13. A “Focus tab to front” option for bringing the scheduled tab to the front
  14. Re-size the Website/Bookmark columns and choose whether to display Bookmarks or Descriptions
  15. Option to: Reload Tab if already open
  16. Create Groups of Websites
  17. Notify in Toolbar instead of opening Website
  18. Search for your Schedules
  19. Minimize the Schedule Screen down to just Open Websites Now and the ability to launch groups from the miniscreen
  20. Re-use a Tab (for example streaming audio)
  21. Dynamic Dates (for example http:// http://www.dilbert .com/strips/comic/{YYYY-MM-DD} = http:// http://www.dilbert .com/strips/comic/2011-09-03)
  22. Open Websites on Specific Dates (for example 11/03/12 = 12th March 2011)
  23. Don’t load tabs until selected – if you select this option then the scheduled tabs will be created in Firefox, but the webpages for those tabs will not load until the user selects them.
  24. You can synchronize your schedules using the “Xmarks Sync” Firefox add-on.
  25. Option for: Same day Catchup if you want to catchup websites earlier on the same day.
  26. New tab delay option – for spacing apart the opening of simultaneous tabs. (note: not compatible with the “Don’t load tabs until selected” option nor “Reload Tab if already open” option.
  27. Option to set an End Date (green icon). After the End Date has been reached (red icon), then schedules will no longer load automatically.
  28. Copy an existing Schedule.
  29. Add a new schedule from the Clipboard.
  30. Disable a Schedule.
  31. You can temporarily Pause or Stop scheduling.