The end of My Weekly Browsing Schedule

It is with regret that I have to announce the beginning of the end of the My Weekly Browsing Schedule addon. Mozilla, the makers of the Firefox browser have announced their decision to stop supporting XUL based addons towards the end of 2017:

The first version of MWBS was released in 2009 and it has grown incrementally over the last 7 years as new features were requested and implemented. Unfortunately Mozilla’s decision means that MWBS will no longer function when Firefox 57 is released at the end of the year. Mozilla have decided that the future lies with WebExtensions, which brings an improved security model and compatibility with the Chrome browser.

MWBS is built on XUL and the move to WebExtensions means that the code will no longer be compatible. This means the entire code and user interface would need to be re-built around the new WebExtensions APIs. Unfortunately this would require a significant amount of work and I simply do not have the FREE time to do it. So I have decided that the development of MWBS will cease. I will continue to offer limited support throughout 2017, but there will be no new features implemented.

I want to give users plenty of warning about the end of MWBS, so that they can pursue alternative options.

Thank-you to those people who have supported my addon over the years.

Regards, Scott.