New Repeat Schedules

A new version 0.9.4 of My Weekly Browsing Schedule has been approved and released.

This new version allows the user to generate Repeating Schedules and increases the range of options for scheduling.

New Features:

  1. Create a repeat Schedule Name and Description
  2. Add a single Website or a group of Websites
  3. Create up to eight (8) different schedules per Website or group of Websites (scroll down the page)
  1. Select to repeat: Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Annually
  2. Choose the repeat interval: Number of days, Number of weeks, Number of months or Number of years
  3. Set the: Start/Next date and optionally set an: End date
  4. Set the scheduled: Time
  5. Option to add a: Reload Website interval in minutes or hours and set an: Until time
  6. Choose: Startup, Catchup, Disable or Delete options



  • Notes:

  • Repeat Schedules will show up in the main schedule with a Repeat icon in the website column
  • If you hover the mouse over the Repeat icon it will display the Website or group of Websites and their descriptions
  • Double-click the Repeat icon to open/edit the Add Repeat Schedule window
  • The: Start/Next date will update automatically as the schedules are processed over time
  • If you use the Save to Bookmark option, there are now two (2) bookmarks created. One for the existing schedules and one for the Repeat schedules.

  • Feedback is welcome on the Feedback page:

    Updated: 07 July 2015 to approved and released status