The end of My Weekly Browsing Schedule

It is with regret that I have to announce the beginning of the end of the My Weekly Browsing Schedule addon. Mozilla, the makers of the Firefox browser have announced their decision to stop supporting XUL based addons towards the end of 2017:

The first version of MWBS was released in 2009 and it has grown incrementally over the last 7 years as new features were requested and implemented. Unfortunately Mozilla’s decision means that MWBS will no longer function when Firefox 57 is released at the end of the year. Mozilla have decided that the future lies with WebExtensions, which brings an improved security model and compatibility with the Chrome browser.

MWBS is built on XUL and the move to WebExtensions means that the code will no longer be compatible. This means the entire code and user interface would need to be re-built around the new WebExtensions APIs. Unfortunately this would require a significant amount of work and I simply do not have the FREE time to do it. So I have decided that the development of MWBS will cease. I will continue to offer limited support throughout 2017, but there will be no new features implemented.

I want to give users plenty of warning about the end of MWBS, so that they can pursue alternative options.

Thank-you to those people who have supported my addon over the years.

Regards, Scott.


New Repeat Schedules

A new version 0.9.4 of My Weekly Browsing Schedule has been approved and released.

This new version allows the user to generate Repeating Schedules and increases the range of options for scheduling.

New Features:

  1. Create a repeat Schedule Name and Description
  2. Add a single Website or a group of Websites
  3. Create up to eight (8) different schedules per Website or group of Websites (scroll down the page)
  1. Select to repeat: Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Annually
  2. Choose the repeat interval: Number of days, Number of weeks, Number of months or Number of years
  3. Set the: Start/Next date and optionally set an: End date
  4. Set the scheduled: Time
  5. Option to add a: Reload Website interval in minutes or hours and set an: Until time
  6. Choose: Startup, Catchup, Disable or Delete options



  • Notes:

  • Repeat Schedules will show up in the main schedule with a Repeat icon in the website column
  • If you hover the mouse over the Repeat icon it will display the Website or group of Websites and their descriptions
  • Double-click the Repeat icon to open/edit the Add Repeat Schedule window
  • The: Start/Next date will update automatically as the schedules are processed over time
  • If you use the Save to Bookmark option, there are now two (2) bookmarks created. One for the existing schedules and one for the Repeat schedules.

  • Feedback is welcome on the Feedback page:

    Updated: 07 July 2015 to approved and released status

    Add-on for Firefox

    Automatically opens your selected Websites on specific days of the week, specific dates of the month or year and at specific times. Useful for reminding yourself to check your internet banking or pay your credit cards / bills or check your favourite websites.

    Use the Catchup feature in case you miss your schedule (if you are away) and the Startup feature to open Websites when the browser starts.

    The main screen is organized as a table showing the Days of the Week, the address of the Website, the corresponding Bookmark Name or Description (optional) and the Time to open the website.

    You can load Websites from the Current Page or from Bookmarks / Tags. Websites can open in a new Tab or new browser Window. You can also choose to open Websites immediately for a particular Day and Time Interval.